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Peg - to add a tad to your thoughts and the discussion that followed...
I have a perfect example of why we should ask when we need help instead of feeling like we are intruding...

I asked Mom to come up and stay a few days just in case I didn't feel like cooking etc. That one request perked her up and made her feel needed. She's thrilled to be coming up to 'take care' of us.

Patswife - I agree the dynamic of families has changed tremendously. We keep trying to get the Moms to move in but they are independent women and want to remain so as long as possible - plus they don't want to be a burden. (which we don't think they are but we'll never convince them)

AD - the love and care you have given your Mom through the years is so admirable. I know it hasn't been easy on so many levels but I think you are a wonderful example for many of us.
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