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Responding to your question Brit is not easy. I mix what I felt about something with thinking about it sometimes...especially on a topic I really know nothing about like this one. I am aware that there are remote viewers on our site,who would probably be more able to clearly respond. The idea (of RV) is fascinating.Before I sleep, I see all kinds of things sort of like on a personal movie screen. It is prior to dreaming and I cannot hardly ever interpret these visions. From what I understand from the radio show, the random co-ordinates assigned to "viewing sites" guide one there.
As one who is somewhat telepathic, it seems to me that a telepath would potentially naturally be able to get impressions in sync with the guides co-ordinates but, more by sort of reading the guide or their energy or thoughts. But, Mr. Smith didn't say this.
The idea of spying at a distance on others is, for me, kind of creepy...yet when we learn our CIA actually tried to do this in the interest of national feels somewhat comforting that those in power might question that which is for most people considered "strange" may have truth in it. I found it very curious that Mr.Paul Smith clearly stated that , "the CIA didn't want the project cancelled". And, then,in fact, they cancelled it to use his words..."because it didn't work."
I thought Shirley did a good job questioning Paul, who made it clear to us that here is much bias against this topic. It was also of interest to e that it is easier to "see" the past (because it is fixed) yet harder to interpret the future because it is not and as Shirley pointed out because of "freewill". The most interesting thing from my perspective was his statistic that, he believes that RV does work giving his accuracy rate at 30 to 40 per cent. I also was in agreement with his concept that alot of the value in it is to let people know "we are more than a physical body"...which, I'd bet most on this site are already conscious about. My curiousity was satisfied thanks to Shirley once more going "out on a limb"!
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