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So sorry to hear of the troubles your family members are having right now. I know that you will help to give them strength, being the person you are.
I have to agree with Brit that the "burden" issue seems to stem from the individual not wanting to be an inconvienece to those around them. I know that if something debilitating were to happen to me, I would NOT want to feel as if I were imposing on my family to take care of me. There are people who are trained to do this who are much better qualified. That being said, it seems that we are becoming a "me" society and we no longer feel obligated to help those in our families. Remember when we were kids and most everyone we knew had a grandparent living with them (myself included)? You don't see that much anymore. I think most of the young people now would not even consider having an ailing parent live with them--this is based on just the few younger people I know. My daughter is the exception, I'm happy to say. She tells me all the time that if something were to happen to Dad, I have to come live with her. I tell her--"not anytime soon. I'm way too young for that!!"
Much love, Peg,
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