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I'll be sending loving energy and prayers to you and your family.

I so appreciate what you wrote about being a burden. I deal with that with my mother and Lee's all the time. They don't want to 'burden us'. We don't look at it that way. That's what family, friends and loved ones do.

But... I'll be the pot calling the kettle black here - from personal experience - it takes a lot for me to even ask for energy and prayers from our wonderful, amazing community. I know everyone is busy and in the grand scheme of life my issues are small compared to someone like your brother-in-law or sister, or Deb, or Sandy, or anyone else.

I think it is more that people don't want to bother others and add to their already busy and often stressful lives. It's easier to internalize it and struggle through than to ask for help without guilt.

Your thoughts are some that we should all pay close attention to, because in the long haul we have to be there for each other, with love and compassion and understanding.

Take care my friend and thank you.
Brit Elders
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