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Default Asking for Energies & Some Thoughts

Have recently learned that my brother-in-law, Jim, has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. He is in his early 80s and it has just activated now. Heís been given one year to live. He was a plasterer by trade, plus he served in the war, and it is well known now that those in the construction trades and the military have been exposed to asbestos. So, I am asking you all to surround him with healing energies for his highest good.

As well, his wife (my sister, Erlene) has recently fallen while cleaning the kitchen floor and broke her right wrist (she is right handed). I learned today that the pin was taken out and it is heavily bandaged during the healing process. She will probably need some physical therapy later on. So please include her in your thoughts and prayers as well.

Thank you all, my friends. Your ever ready willingness to help those asking for energy is so very much appreciated.

* * *

And if you will indulge me, I just need to share some thoughts that have been circling around in my mind. In talking with my niece today, Iíve learned that my sister (who is also in her early 80s) is getting down with thoughts about Jim and his condition, as well as having thoughts about not wanting to be a burden to her children. Perfectly understandable. My niece is doing her best to impress upon her that she is not. And of course my niece is going through her own emotional turmoil about all that is happening as well.

Being a burden to our family is a thought that all of us share, no matter our age or physical health. But I canít help but wonder where this mindset came from. Have we, as a society, become so enamored of our daily lives, that we think when we are in need that being lovingly cared for is looked upon by others as an imposition? And if we do think of it as an imposition, perhaps we should do some reflection on that.

My sister and brother-in-law have raised loving and caring children, providing all that they can for them to meet lifeís challenges. Now they are experiencing a time in their lives when they need some help and support. Having been in this situation myself with my own mother who also felt she was being a burden, I considered it an honor to care for her, and asked her to allow me the privilege to do soÖto share the love she so carefully nurtured in me all my life and give back to her during a difficult time in hers. A burden? No. Challenging? Yes. But schedules can be rearranged, and professional help can be obtained to assist and support, etc.

Now, more than ever, so many of us have come to realize that without sharing the love that we are, the love in our hearts, with those around us, that life can feel and be pretty empty. I know Iím rambling a bit here, but I sure would like to see this mindset of being thought of as a burden be erased from the consciousness. I can think of no greater gift a parent can give their child, or vice versa, than to allow the opportunity to put love and caring and concern into action on a personal basis.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate it. I just needed to verbalize these thoughts right now, even if perhaps they may be a bit skewed. I can only share from my own experience, yet realize that others may have different ones. You all are the best listeners, and you know, sometimes one just needs to be able to get it out, especially when one trusts and is comfortable with who is listening.

Thank you...
Blessed Be,
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