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Default Unrequited Love

What do people feel the best way to approach this is?

In my own case, I met my best friend about three years ago. Immediately we hit it off and I don't think I'd ever laughed with anyone so much. We speak every day, we see each other about twice a week and it's just endless laughter, sharing and good experiences. Except, I fell in love with him and he didn't fall in love with me back. I'm a stand up drag comic and I work on the gay scene here in the UK. My friend is my dressmaker, he comes on every job with me, he arranges everything and he's never let me down. But being on the gay scene so much, guys flirt with him (he's a good looking guy) and naturally I then throw a bit of a strop. He's used to it now and he's very respectful of my feelings, he's been single since we met and we never discuss dating or anything like that. But my problem is, there's this constant fear that he's going to leave me when a boyfriend comes into the picture or that I'll have to cut him off because I couldn't handle it and that just kills me. I'm walking the Camino in a month's time and it'll be the first time in three years he won't automatically be at the end of the phone. It means nearly 6 weeks apart and I don't know what I'll come back to.

On the face of it, I know that's partly the reason why I want to do the Camino. I have to find my inner strength, be confident in myself so that our friendship can continue and improve, so that this love which he doesn't return in the way I'd like can be managed. But I'm not so sure how that will work. I just wondered what people's thoughts were on this and whether it can be dealt with? I know that I've known my friend before. It's as if we're two souls that just keep meeting but I wonder if we're two souls that actually never get together or that we're souls which seperate because it's all too much. I'd appreciate people's thoughts or advice
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