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Originally Posted by sisterlura
I also enjoyed reading your post, Odessa, and am very interested in learning more about crystals. I believe there's Truth in what both you and Joanne have experienced and expressed here, and I'm full of questions!

For example: How do you know if what you purchase is the "real deal" and not just some pretty, over-priced bauble in a crystal shop? Is it okay to buy crystals on line or should one personally hold it to sense its vibrations first?

I've always had an affinity with stones and have many of those which - for me - have energy, and much as you described, Joanne, I tend to hold one when praying or meditating, and have special ones for special intentions.

Any suggestions for good sources of reliable info on crystals? (I've been a sucker in enough tourist traps )



Dear Lura

I work with crystals since 1989 and there is many ways you will feel guided to and attract that energy to you. But it is also like buying shoos you know when you see a pair and than few days latter you cant stop thinking of them.
Well holding a crystal is also recommended as when crystal aligns with you feel pulsation in your hand or other sensations in your body. You can also feel heat from some crystals. Also if you are interested in crystals read some books as to be aware of that energy you may be working with.

Now as to the topic of this post yes my most weird experience is connected to a crystal. I call this crystal a channelling crystal as I use it in meditation and when I used to go in trans to channel my teachers. When I look inside this crystal on one side I can see a pyramid than next to it Sphinx and above the pyramid a shape of a round spaceship.

I wrote about that incident already but I write it again as this was for me most interesting happening beyond my believe.
A friend come for crystal balancing because he went to meditate in haunting house and since he felt very angry and felt this 'bad' energy around.
When I was doing crystal clearing of his aura and when the energy was released from his aura I felt as this energy was trying to grab hold of my legs.
But than suddenly I looked at my crystal that was on a glass table at the head position with my friend lying on a couch.
As I looked at this crystal I saw it rise in the air about 1-2 inches and than dropped down on the table making a big noise.

That evening in meditation I saw two man dressed in black come into my room from a wall and said to me" Don't worry we only come to take something." When I asked what they were taking my guide explained that they took the energy of that spirit that was captured in my crystal and this energy was taken for 'recycling' to be cleansed by fire.
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