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Default Question for Odessa, Joanne - anyone!

I also enjoyed reading your post, Odessa, and am very interested in learning more about crystals. I believe there's Truth in what both you and Joanne have experienced and expressed here, and I'm full of questions!

For example: How do you know if what you purchase is the "real deal" and not just some pretty, over-priced bauble in a crystal shop? Is it okay to buy crystals on line or should one personally hold it to sense its vibrations first?

I've always had an affinity with stones and have many of those which - for me - have energy, and much as you described, Joanne, I tend to hold one when praying or meditating, and have special ones for special intentions.

Any suggestions for good sources of reliable info on crystals? (I've been a sucker in enough tourist traps )


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