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I had something happen quite a few years ago. This was back in 2006. I was going to sleep one night and while I was on the edge of still being awake and almost asleep, I heard a deep gruff male voice (that I can only describe as what sounded demonic) call out my name. It wasn't from inside my head. It sounded like it was right at my ear. And I don't typically hear disembodied voices. Then a few weeks later it happened again. This time it was an angry female voice. Same thing happened. It yelled my name right in my ear in an angry, aggressive tone as I was drifting off to sleep. Of course, both times it jolted me back awake. I'm positive they weren't lucid dreams. I've never had a strictly audible lucid dream ever. I've fallen asleep before on the couch, while watching TV and something on the TV ends up being background noise in a dream I end up having. This was not like that at all. This was something entirely different. It got even creepier when I went on the internet a day or two later, thinking someone else has had to have experienced this. I did a search to see if anyone else described this same scenario. I came across a few other people who had. That made it even creepier, since I knew it wasn't my imagination after all.

But that was as weird as it got, because I think I may have inadvertently "run" whatever it was off. For some reason, I've always liked crystal balls. Not necessarily for gazing, but mainly for their beauty. I first started collecting them around 2001. I have quite a few so far: bloodstone, amethyst, tourmaline, labradorite, howlite, moonstone, sodalite, jade, quartz, smoky quartz, green calcite, obsidian, citrine, hematite, jasper, lapis lazuli, orange calcite, blue calcite, and a few others. They had originally been sitting on a shelf in front of my books for like 5 years, and I never really considered the potential metaphysical properties that they might have. I always knew that crystals supposedly had metaphysical properties but I personally never experienced anything. Well, around the time that this strange thing was happening, with someone calling my name, "something" intuitively told me to move all of my crystal spheres. I ended up putting them on a little table right next to where I would sit at my computer. I guess because they were within my auric field for hours at a time, I started to really notice that they did have protective energies. Just having them close to me like that, actually made me feel different. It's a tough thing to describe. Spheres are also especially cool because I found that they radiate energy in all directions. Well, coincidentally after I did this, these "entities" left me alone. I don't know if my moving the crystals to where I would have more personal contact with them, had anything to do with it. But either way, I was able to feel the vibrations from the crystals, which showed me how potentially powerful they could be.

Which reminds me of another crystal, Selenite. A powerful crystal I came across not too long ago. I set up a Selenite Protection Grid in my apartment several months ago, and I felt the effects from it immediately. Just put a piece in the corner of every room, making sure all of the pieces run North to South (I guess so they can sync up with each other first, then they sync up with the Earth's energy). Don't ask me how it works, it just works.

Every so often I'll give my brother crystals to carry. Then a week or so later I'll ask him about them. And he'll say they're sitting on a shelf at home, to which I usually reply, "They're not going to help you if they're sitting on a shelf." I gave him a piece of topaz a few weeks back, to carry in his wallet. Within a week, I think he'd already lost it. Maybe that's the Universe's way of telling me that he's not ready for crystals and to not even bother giving them to him. I've always heard crystals usually end up with the person they're supposed to be with. Maybe someone else will find that lost piece of topaz and that's the person it was meant to be with.

Since I'm on the topic, can I tell you guys about a weird story about how I ended up acquiring a piece of Bismuth about 11 months ago. Ok, it's not creepy, but it is weird - but weird in a good way. Last year about this time, I was feeling kind of isolated. I normally don't really click with a lot of people, which usually isn't a big deal because I'm kind of a loner anyway, and I actually enjoy spending time by myself. But for some reason, last year it was really getting to me - more than it normally would. It was to the point that I was feeling depressed and actually prayed to God to help me deal with it. It also didn't help that I was kind of feeling spiritually stuck as well (to be honest, that was THE main thing that was bothering me). I was trying to figure some things out, but the answers weren't coming as quickly as I would have liked.

Well, so I'm on my computer one night reading about weird stuff with the number 72. And I came across the element Hafnium which has the atomic # 72. For the hell of it, I did a Google image search of Hafnium. In the image search results, there was this one picture that caught my attention. This incredibly striking metallic-rainbow looking stone. So I clicked on it. It turned out to be something called Bismuth. Someone had mislabeled it, so it popped up in my 'Hafnium' image search. So I pull up another browser, and I read up on the metaphysical properites of this Bismuth and this is where it gets trippy. Apparently it's a good stone to have around you if you're feeling isolated or spiritually stuck. I actually felt like I had been 'led' to it because it was what I needed at that moment. It actually did give me a slight shiver when I realized that it was synchronistic that I came across it the way I did, exactly when I did. It sounds crazy, but since purchasing my first piece of Bismuth, it 'led' me to a few other high energy stones. Everything just snowballed from there. My crystal collection has grown exponentially within the last year. It's amazing the amount of synchronicities I've been experiencing these last 10 months while this has all been happening. As weird as it sounds, I can actually feel changes within myself since I started acquiring these stones. I swear to my Higher Self that this story is true. :-)

I live about 2 miles from work, so I'll come home for lunch, then go back to work feeling like I just smoked something, because of all the crystal energy going on in my apartment that sometimes leaves me feeling a little spacey. It gives a whole new meaning to being "stoned".

I know this is probably a rather pedestrian topic to most of you. I know there are people here who are able to access the Akashic Records with no problems, and here I am tripping on stones and their vibrations. I feel like a kindergartener trying to hang out with the big kids. But hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? :-)

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