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Thumbs up Psychic Spy Paul H Smith PhD

Shirley's IE guest this week is Paul H. Smith.

Paul became a psychic spy in 1983, when he was recruited for the Army' s remote viewing psychic espionage program - a program he never knew existed up until the moment he was invited to join. He was one of the longest-serving remote viewers in the military program. During his seven years in what eventually became known as the Star Gate program, he studied under the legendary Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, served as a first-line operational remote viewer doing thousands of training and live operational RV sessions, wrote the official manual on controlled remote viewing ('CRV' - a more disciplined form of remote viewing, used as the primary remote viewing method during the second decade of the military program), and taught CRV to new remote viewer candidates.

Read more about Paul here:
and don't miss this program! It's sure to be amazing!

Sunday September 2
Brit Elders
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