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Unhappy Uhoh!!

Yes dear Brit it really is interesting isn't it!? ETC is a very reliable group for info.I apologize for not getting back sooner..what a crazy busy summer in a positive kind of way! I downloaded the lectures of the "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails " seminar held in L.A. this past weekend.I'll try and post videos as they come.Excellent speakers!! Here is a Youtube video of "Why In the world Are They Spraying?" If you have the time folks,please watch if you haven't seen it as of yet...changes can be made but they must be done in peaceful,non-violent ways..we can do this but it takes kahonas! !

Oh! I almost forgot!!! Dr. David Keith,with the financial assistance of Bill Gates, is attempting to experiment over a particular area of New MEXICO ,with sulphate aerosol particles to form a model for experimental purposes of cooling the earth just like Mt. Pinatubo!! Well...I think that experiment already occurred during the Gulf War in Kuwait with the explosion of refineries releasing tons of sulphates into the atmosphere!!!We really need to try this again?? Just Google:
US geoengineers to spray sun-reflecting chemicals from balloon

Experiment in New Mexico will try to establish the possibility of cooling the planet by dispersing sulphate aerosols
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