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Smile Akashic, self-control, and Matthew Books.

I don't think Rick replied in this thread AFAIK.

I take it it the first time Akashic stuff is different for everyone? It certainly felt very different and interesting.

I wonder if the peacefulness feeling that some people who have a religion is related to the Akashic, and whether they are getting information in a condensed form. It is probably more useful to ask the Akashic directly (as you can get more information that way) but I guess it might be possible to receive stuff if you are in a receptive mood, without going through something like the Gateway Prayer.

It's funny, I bought a fairly expensive online game, then tried to cancel it because I thought I would be spending too much time playing it (a computer game collector's edition), but I got refunded and sent the parcel at about the same time! I played the regular online game for a bit today from a separate purchase, and previous to that I agreed to have them put through the collector's edition purchase again, but I have realised that the game isn't something that you play all the time to "complete" everything. This is because there are random events and effects on the world happening the whole time, and it is impossible to "complete" everything. So in the end I had the privilege of allowing the purchase to go through again after the refund, and I realised I had got past the point of needing to play such a game all the time.

Well, that was a bit of a ramble. Anyway, there must have been a reason for me buying the game, and getting sent it and refunded at almost the same time. I realised I had more self-control than I did in the past and it wouldn't be the end of the world to play it some of the time (and I knew I wouldn't play it all the time). It is a pretty cool game.

Btw: what do people think here of the Matthew Books, and the Matthew messages on these boards?
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