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Originally Posted by Wolfdog
Dear Brit and Basia,

It is always comforting to hear feedback...thank you.
And, yes is the answer but, the real understanding many past peaceful and thriving civilizations like for example, the Aborigines and early Native Americans and even possibly Lemurians,who understood the lessons for peaceful co-existance that such societies lived... with the honoring of Mother Earth will, it seems, really take an entire shift in consciousness of all earth humans. Is this possible? God knows I hope so...but, at least at this time, I am very unsure about this idea being realistic . The concept of Oneness of all in the One seems at least at this point in the history of mankind ...especially in industrialized nations to be hanging by a thread. How can we expect the greed of the West to change... when so many so-called leaders are unconscious and fearful of facts... which at this time are pointing to the destruction of our amazing and beloved planet ? Praying for a miracle here....feel free to join me.
Love and Peace to everyone here,

Dear Wolfdog

Joining you in prayer.
But what is prayer it is projecting a vision. We are creating new awareness by focusing on creating this.
Yes I see much of humanity being in grip of elite small procentage that are materialisticly motivated and are serving as teacher for humanity. It is sad that we need that kind of teaching of greed and destruction in order to awaken to protect planet and take care of humanity needs in more balanced way with nature.

But what I also see that in order to learn the 'right way' we need to recognise the 'wrong way'. Than a change can be. We will not take away lessons other people need to learn but understand that the most important is awaken and act from the heart.

When last year on 11-11-11 I meditated with a group in Machu Pichu 'the house of the God' as my guides described, I saw two symbols first was an living, moving energy that made a shape of the heart and it was pouring like a waterfall into the ground to the earth 'Pacha Mama".

The second symbol was the all seeing eye in an golden triangle. The overseeing Eye of God and I trust that this symbols were to have an optimistic view that all is in Gods plan and humanity is awakening to this new vibration of living heart. Transmitted from the galactic centre and its reaching our planet now.

We just need to trust be optimistic create positive and manifest our love in all our daily activity. Do not give up to lower manipulations of greed and power. Rise above and fly on the wings of change with galactic wave.
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