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Originally Posted by Chi
Well SteveOz,

For me the doors to past and present flung wide open,
and from that initial point forward, synchronicity began
to take me on a fascinating jigsaw puzzle roller coaster
ride that set my chakras to spinning faster than they had
ever spun. It made my heart chakra burst wide open and
for a long time i was everything... everything but grounded. Ha!
Maybe because there was so much trauma in my childhood
that needed to be worked thru, and each theme magnifies
itself when you are working thru it multi-dimensionally.

Pay attention for the wonder of synchronicity in your life,
It's the way the universe informs us and one generally
leads to another. It's different for everyone, though there
are crossroads where we sometimes meet and/or connect.
Keep sharing because what you say on any given day might
be something i need to hear or something someone else
needs to hear in an instant.

Joy and Light,

Thank you Chi and Rick for sharing , very interesting experience.
I like to read other peoples sharing its so nice to see when people like to share their journey in spiritual awareness....L&L
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