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Default For Brit and Basia

Dear Brit and Basia,

It is always comforting to hear feedback...thank you.
And, yes is the answer but, the real understanding many past peaceful and thriving civilizations like for example, the Aborigines and early Native Americans and even possibly Lemurians,who understood the lessons for peaceful co-existance that such societies lived... with the honoring of Mother Earth will, it seems, really take an entire shift in consciousness of all earth humans. Is this possible? God knows I hope so...but, at least at this time, I am very unsure about this idea being realistic . The concept of Oneness of all in the One seems at least at this point in the history of mankind ...especially in industrialized nations to be hanging by a thread. How can we expect the greed of the West to change... when so many so-called leaders are unconscious and fearful of facts... which at this time are pointing to the destruction of our amazing and beloved planet ? Praying for a miracle here....feel free to join me.
Love and Peace to everyone here,
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