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Dear Hearts

Last week I felt strange cosmic energy so to understand what was playing on I looked at planetary interpretation in

I like to share that part that just started to play in our lives.

Quote: The New Venus-Eris Synodic Cycle

Venus-Eris cycles are about the same length as the orbit period of Venus because Eris moves rather slowly, which is about 225 days (same with Earth-Eris cycles).

The Venus-Eris cycles are especially significant because Eris is currently transiting the ecliptical longitude of Venusí exaltation, which is marked by the star Revati of Pisces.

Eris is also transiting Baten Kaitos of Cetus, which conjoins Revati by a couple of degrees, and the outstretched arms of Andromeda. Erisí conjunction with Revati peaked in the first decade of 2000, and it is now more so conjoining Baten Kaitos.

Eris is a feminine force that does not put up with how things are. She overturns the apple cart so there can be a reorganization, or shall we say a redistribution of power and how things work.

This had been occurring in the financial paradigm (2000-2010), and now in the very belly of collective consciousness, creating serious unrest in the human populous, which is under dominion of the techno-bureaucratic powers of the world.

Eris is currently breaking humanityís acquiescence to remaining in a state of slumber in the belly of the techno-bureaucratic monster and living by the imposed rules and regulations primarily put in place by the patriarchal part of humanity, and that attempt to keep the feminine force in bondage and submission.

When Venus and Eris are in cahoots, especially now with this being the first synod after the 2012 Venus Transit, the two strengthen each other.

Eris forces us to apprehend a more fundamental and authentic truth by dismantling manmade categorizations and segregations of life.

This authenticity, the truth of the heart, is the essence that Venus embodies. Venus, in turn, empowers Erisís discordant nature. Eris and Venus arouse, awaken and impel activism of the feminine force in the world.'

end of quote from current theme
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