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I have been to Oraibi to visit the Hopi's as well. If you examine the ruins of this ancient city on the Mesa, the evidence is very clear(in the ruins) that they in fact, had a very sophisticated (for the time) irrigation system there. It is my understanding that they do not use this system today but do conserve and grow real natural corn with far less water than is being utilized by the large agribusinesses in the US. Working towards stopping the genitically made foods and banning them completely would be a very positive step. Many of us are also aware that our bees are in gave jeopardy as well and those trying to protect them, who have been harassed. Putting Monsanto out of business and others spreading dangerous hazardous wastes and lying to the public, of course needs to be addressed even more than is happening now. Getting involved in this issue in all of our communities would be another positive change possibility.
Forgive me for rambling on too much. if I have offended anyone here with my words...that was not my intent which was to sincerely answer Shirley"s question.
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