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There is a list of these changes rolling around in my head that just seems to go on ad infinitum.Each feels serious and a sometimes overwhelmingly huge opportunity for that which is positive... if humanity can take the leap. Here are a few suggestions for the activists here to consider...of course, the climate...the global climate.It is clear all countries participating in serious climate studies are, in fact, in agreement to the seriousness of global warming and the effects that this mostly man made mess comes from carbon emmissions and other industrial toxic chemicals.If we can actually get off of oil based economies globally... this would certainly be wise. Greenlands ice, for example is practically all melted. When the ocean currents start changing due to polar ice will be a very different planet.One can write to their state representatives in our country and continually let them know that you as a citizen are actually paying attention. Oh dear...that was only one thing on my list and I have seeemed to have used up this space.

Greedy government regimes really need to be overhauled. Many years ago(70's), I heard a speech given by Dr. Margaret Mead, the anthropologist at a Population Institute seminar. She was a pioneer in understanding humanity's future globally and made it quite clear that our population was outgrowing the sustainablilty for such numbers as we have now.She predicted it all but, few were actually listening. At the very least, it is positive for sustainability for all countries to embrace birth control.I would like to see a less divided world, a world without the boundaries and antiquated thinking that we have where we truly help each other and use less of everything that we take for granted living here.
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