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Default The Next Moment of Understanding

The Big Elephant and Boglivia
by Deb Abbott

In the midst of chaos
One can find their own
And remain unfettered
It is a simple act of nature
To look within and remain silent.

And then allowing the balancing
Of Silence to bring us to the surface
Of a commaradrie to focus us further
Within the dynamics of the soul's participation
In life's extremities and underlying causes.

And then, suddenly, everything combobulates
Into a union of cohesive gel that brings
Everything together in a union
Not found thus far before
But now present, resides within the bearer.

Suddenly, it seems that words are no longer
Representing that which is being presented.
And it is very difficult to understand all of the
Solutions presented without regard to direction.
Suddenly direction becomes of and in itself.

It is like a spinning spiral out of control
Yet holding on to its own
And ultimately falling back into the placement
Of it's being within the scheme of things.
But, for the moment outbound.

So it is with all that is going on.
There are many unexplainable circumstances
And events that we will have to percieve
In different ways of perception
Now is the time for all to open our minds.

If ever there was a flow, now is the beginning
Of one that astounds so many and yet keeps flowing.
Stand in the flow, and allow it to swallow you up
And let it know that you know exactly what you are doing
And then go with it and bridle it in to your own understanding.

Having done so, then take a deep breath
And allow for all that you know to own you
As you own it yourself in the quiet moments of your mind.
Listen not to what others may say
But listen closely to the tenticles of your hearts sayings.

It is a new time of understanding....

Love, Deb
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