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Originally Posted by GentleRick
My totem animals:

Waking Bear

Night Seeing Deer


Thanks for sharing this journey.
I was reading yesterday in this month New Moon theme from lunar planner( I am member since 2004) this part that I will qoute below and I thought of you and me as our sun position according to sidereal is in Leo.I think that this is fascinating showing a trail breaking journey we are unfolding. Here is quote :
New Moon
The stars entering this area of sidereal Cancer-Leo and those forming the Head of the Lion embody the wisdom of the Lion. They express in eloquence and beauty.

Adhafera and Al Jabhah articulate the wisdom and mind of the Lion, the Lionís persona and how the Lion thinks--perhaps with a sense of aloneness yet with audacious and undaunted confidence, and with genuine pride.

Here we find the trail-blazers, those willing to leave the comfort of mass-consensus, who are self-reliant to step forth into unexplored territory; the ones who seek a better way to live and are able to envision new horizons, those who seek to discover new possibilities waiting to be realized.

Often time the work of such adventures and trail-blazers is rarely seen until others later follow or make popular that which they have found, or until time itself brings the future into the present awareness of the masses. These way-showers are sometimes long gone, continuing over the next horizon, rarely to be seen.

They may or may not be recognized for their tremendous, relentless and lonely pursuits, and they may or may not become famous, but the roads and doorways they open pave the way for others to come, and make possible future generationsí evolutionary unfoldment.

The Owl Nebula suggest we use wisdom and night vision to see that which is obscured by the dogmatic veils that we uphold with our existing belief structures, or those created by prominent ego-based individuals and world powers.

Here lies the need to see through the existing picture of our reality, and to use creative (third-eye) vision to allow alternative realms and possibilities to emerge into our awareness. Only then can we step into the apparent abyss where a hidden bridge awaits--to step upon the Path of the Lion. end of quote
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