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Originally Posted by sisterlura
okay ... so since we're on the subject of The Greys, I found this interesting:

Got a book catalogue in the mail from Inner Traditions yesterday, and there's a new book out, titled Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper With Humanity, by Nigel Kerner.

The description claims that "Grey aliens are sophisticated biological robots who seek to obtain human souls. Through the manipulation of DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and escape the material universe. But if we follow spiritual laws, we can free ourselves from their grasp."

It's a $28 paperback, 504 pages and includes 24-page color insert.


Thanks for this book Sisterlura, as I was reading this now a inner voice said: its important to follow the inner knowing without fear. There are other forces on Earth that are puting misleading information that is than absorbed by untrained minds. The practice of meditation and deeper contemplation puts you in touch with the inner voice and with the power of what you may call God. This practice strenghtens your own power and gives you ability to recognise the truth or as you may say right or wrong in polarity.
To be guided from within is the important development of humanity at this time so learn to listen to that voice and stay tuned to it each day."

I think I just channelled this last part.

My personal feeling is that grey ET are more in tune with our purpose on Earth but I have a personal strong feeling of being aware of Reptilian ET that may not be as beneficial for human cause on Earth. But this is only my personal interpretation based on some experience I had in past. Love & Light.
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