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Spirit can be a bitch. It expects you not to have an ego and also not to be attached to form. The Universe won't give me a spiritual teacher. I tend to fall in love with spiritual teacher. I would just create karma. Here is one scenario that is going through my mind.

After David Wilcox spurns my many advances I decide to get even. After I transform myself into a hideous old crone I show up at his doorstep with a basket full of apples. I ring the doorbell and he answers. I say to him that I am raising money for my church and if he would be willing to buy some of my beautiful organic apples. I explain to him that these are special apples grown with a powerful fertilizer fulva grow. These apples are able to remove toxins from his body because of the way they were grown. I hand him one big apple and tell him to try it. He bites into it and almost immediately falls to the ground. I take apple out of his hand and take off.

After several hours of people trying to reach him his girlfriend runs next to his house to find him ling on the ground in a coma. She calls an ambulance and he is rushed to the hospital. They do all sorts of tests on him but nobody can find out what is wrong with him. He is put on life support machines to help me but he still remains in a coma. After a few weeks his girlfriend becomes frantic. Luckily he has health insurance because it is costing tens of thousands of dollars a day to keep him alive. She is burned that his insurance will run out and that he will will run up a huge bill. Out of desperation she pays John Edward 500 dollars for a private reading. He tells her that he has been poisoned. Only the Pennac Goddess of the Underworld has the antidote to the poison. She will to make a journey to Lake Titicaca in Peru and there she will have to do a ceremony with a shaman using the San Pedro cactus. The shaman will open the portal to the underworld and the gates will enable her to leave her body and travel through it. She will also demand they bring her a gift a locket containing some of Shirley Maclaine's hair. John suddenly stops and says I have just receive her information about the goddess. A dark shaman has imprisoned her in a crystal using reptilian technology.
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