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Hi SM,

I don’t want to be rude – but I don’t understand. I am talking about emotions – and you seem to be referring to emotions when you say

I have things that aren't all sunshine and roses in my life. But it's what I do with that that makes them fall into the polarized group of positive and negative.

Ie – you have experiences and you feel unhappy or not pleased about them – and that is when you “do” something with those feelings which I assume means look inside yourself and learn about who you are more deeply.

Is that at all accurate? I mean what do you mean when you say “you have things?” Things are objects – we don’t live through objects – we live through our senses, emotions and mind – so if some “thing” happens or appears in our life – we react first, emotionally – and that becomes a judgment or response in our brain.

Do you not feel the feelings first? I’m not trying to be rude – some people are not aware of how fast we feel and then think – and they believe they have a “reason” to logically/rationally like or dislike something but the irrational feeling always exists and comes first – that’s the dark before the light – the dark representing the feminine/the old emotional brain/ and the light representing the conscious mind.

Western society has squashed down the feminine for so long and told us not to feel –that people actually get freaked out if they start to feel things they believe are not acceptable. Then they unconsciously stop those feelings and stuff them into the subconscious where they create dis-ease in the body or come out with bursts of emotion or in passive aggression – and basically, stuffing the emotions is what creates shadows and it’s shadows in our subconscious that create the world –

By extension the polarities you speak of exist as well because of these shadows – unaddressed and unrecognized feelings.

Feelings are the feminine – and if we are to bring feminine into the world we have to do it by listening to “her” first don’t we?

Which is why I asked about learning from our feelings – ie actually recognizing and feeling them – all of them – and then coming into balance or centeredness (which is what your neutral harmony seems to be to me – is that right?)

What you said, needing neutrality, in my opinion, jumps over the process you probably follow – although you would have to confirm or deny  what I said above about the sunshine and roses being feelings you respond to –

And I believe it’s in your process that you have the most wisdom because the end result – neutrality can be taken to mean – when you have a feeling of “negativity” just put a spin on it – ie don’t learn about yourself from it – just control the feelings – which would cause more emotions to be stuffed down; the shadows would grow and harmony in the world among people would not be created – because the stuff of shadows would create the opposite.

Do you know what I mean?

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