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Originally Posted by StevenOz
First of all, thanks for responding! This is a long post, so you can read it in your own time and at your own pace.

No, I know that you don't want to have power, and that you don't consider yourself a guru. I don't consider you a guru either, I consider you a very kind person who is also able to speak her mind about her explorations of life despite strong traditional criticism. That is a very unique and rare blend of qualities, and you being a torchbearer helps other people stand out in the light too with belief based on genuine but "untraditional" (as some others might say) logic. And with regards to the "for the masses" comment, I agree that might have been a bit loaded, I was just referring you to your role as a teacher of many, which you took on during and after the events in Out on a Limb. I myself would never have found out or seriously considered metaphysical stuff if you hadn't started the candle burning by writing Sageing While Ageing, which I bought it on a whim with a whole lot of other books.

And while you don't have power "over" anyone, meaning you don't try to use or manipulate them against their will, you have an assistive power "with" many people, by shining a light into places others might not see without help or ever allow themselves to admit existed. So you have an emotional, spiritual power with your writing, acting and "you, being you Shirley" which you use for the good of Creation, which is also good for you and others too. =) And there is no way I consider that you haven't had thorns as well as roses, just reading your books and watching your works is proof enough of that!

What do you think about the Shaman Windwalker IE Program that Brit took, and the idea of spirits that actively try to discourage you visiting a place? I don't think spirits ever go out of their way to harm people (as in, roaming around), however in a certain place they may reflect bad karma which has been done at or near that place, and that could hurt people who foolishly trespass. Have you ever had contact with what the Windwalker would call "evil spirits"? Or do you think spirits that might try to counter people visiting their area only do so with certain people?

I am interested in this because of the spirit and transcendental experiences of yours I have read about or seen, had been largely positive experiences (even though they would have often been very "like, oh my gosh!" (not necessarily saying you use the word "gosh" though ), confusing or overwhelming at the time. Certainly no hauntings that I know about. Have you had any experiences of spirits with a seemingly negative energy of "bad karma trauma"?

And thanks again, you are a true, down to earth soul who just happens to also be "famous". "Fame" can certainly be a very mixed blessing, it's true. But both fame and your enquiring and fearless soul were necessary for being the torchbearer and "shiner of light" you have become. Which I think is why David had to drip-feed you information right up to you last seeing him before you went home in Out on a Limb, even though it nearly drove you mad!

You are a very special teacher, amongst a world of equals. Which is why you can teach yourself, teach others, and help others learn to be teachers and learners on their own spiritual path.

Best regards,

Steven sorry for responding here in your post to Shirley, but it was so wonderful what you expressed. I think that we all totaly agree with what you said about Shirley. I dont see her as guru but kind of Head Master. Ha,ha. Love to you both.
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