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Why Do Our Soul Incarnates?

We don' t reincarnate. We are a collection of many life experiences.
The Body we get and than leave behind when life is over and when intended lessons have been experienced.

I share something personal to shine a light why soul incarnates.

In 1993 I was open channel, I also work with crystals doing what I called Crystal Balancing and had many people coming for sessions.
A friend asked if I could do a balancing for a young man who had Aids and was looking at alternative ways to heal.

When Philip Nelson come first time there was strange instant attraction that developed over months into 2-year relationship.

But before that happened I asked my spirit guides:

Why Philip chosen to be sick with Aids? And will I be able to help him heal?

My spirit guide said that in last life Philip was racing driver and he committed suicide by driving his car of the cliff. Now in this life he was learning the value of the life. Now he was trying to extend his life as long as possible knowing that he did not have much time.

My spirit guide also told me that there was another incarnation waiting for Philip and that he will die around his Birthday.

And he died a week after his birthday but two years latter on 24 March 1995 and I was with his mum in hospital when he died.

He telepathically said in my mind: Look my body is not responding I have to go, tell my mother that I love her. But I started crying so he said it again: Tell her I Love her!!!! And I turn around and told her as she comes to stroke his head he took his last breath and told me: Lets Get out of here!!!
Philip was communicating with me in my mind for few months.

Once I dreamt that I went to visit him in a place on Planet SATORI.
When I walked to his room and saw him seating on a bed I said: Philip so you are alive because I started to think that maybe you died!
He was in a place like when you go on holiday to some winter resort. He was showing me around and we went outside to walk on the snow.
When I wake up I knew I visited Philip in astral realm there and now I know that this planet is in our solar system but we call it SATURN.
Philips said that he learned his lessons well.

Some months later in 1995 I visited in hospital my only friend Kasia who knew Philip when he was alive. I went to see her newborn twins boys. When I saw her second child Maciek I screamed aloud with surprise: Oh my God He looks like Philip.

I know that this boy is the new incarnation that Philip's soul had chosen.
For many years there was this gut-heart pull that I felt inside every time I saw that child. I have lost the contact about 7 years ago, as it was time for me to detached.
Here is my blog dedicated to Philip and His dog Spike:

I hope this shows: Why some souls need to reincarnate. Loving you

Ps. I don't have Aids,I knew this would not be my karma in this life.
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