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Hello Steven
There is dark and light. Even the Bible says "let there be light", which tells me darkness existed first. We are in a polarized 3D existence but isn't it our perceptions that determine what we think is positive or negative?

About your statement:
Shirley, your purpose was to bring real spirituality to "the masses", ordinary people around the world, which is why you haven't got any negative spiritual experiences.

My purpose is to explore for me. If my explorations and questioning mind can open a door for someone else to what I know as truth then great. If not great, too. Maybe someone else's words will impact them.

I do not want people's power. They have to be responsible for their experiences. I am not a guru and I think we are all teachers for each other. And please - I have things that aren't all sunshine and roses in my life. But it's what I do with that that makes them fall into the polarized group of positive and negative.

I think neutral harmony is what is necessary to remove polarity issues, not another guru.
Love & Light,
Shirley & Terry & Buddy Bub & Trixie Harmony
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