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Hello Little Black Wolf

Do you mean when you click on the title of the category in the main board and it takes you to that category - you only pull up three or four in the category– for example this section Welcome only shows 3 or 4 posts?

Because, if you do then I think I might be able to help –

Look at the bottom of the screen underneath where you see the three or four threads listed. There should be a little box called "Display Options" that allows you to select the time frame (how far back you want to have the threads that show) –

It might show “last month” – so you’ll only see what’s been posted in this section during the last month which will probably be only 3 or four posts. You can select a longer time frame via the pull down menu (up to “from the beginning”, I think).

If that’s what you mean - you now will see more – If not, I’m sorry, that’s all I know

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