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Originally Posted by tecrow
Yes, our ancient religious texts talk about these wars in the skies and even newspapers in the 1500s. Perhaps things have never changed over the centuries. Perhaps our rulers and presidents are really just puppets to the alien overlords. Let's just hope one or several of them are looking out for us.
I really don't think we were be here otherwise.

Hi Tecrow

Just in sync with this topic I was reading this week in Shirley's book Sageing while Aging in chapter 7 very interesting information well research by Shirley.

I like the encounter of Denis at the end of this chapter about the triangular craft because many years ago this is what happened to a friend of mine when he saw some shape craft from his balcony. Soon after my friend started having incredible opening and very strong visual perception that he was gifted with when we meditated together. One of such visions I posted on my blog. Here is link:

But I like to say that we are guided and like Shirley said we need to fix our planet in order to learn from "mistakes" not really just a learning conditions.

For some reason I do not fear Grey's even when I watched some U-tube of the alien I feel some kind of relation, understanding, feel sorry that they been captured and study by humanity. I 'am also preparing myself that I may have my own ET encounters this Summer when I go back to country cottage that is in the middle of nowhere and perfect place for contact.
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