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Default The Moment

While contemplating 3Dimensional time as i was dosing off
to sleep last night - an opened shoebox appeared within the
darkness of my mind with two slats that were dividing the
space within the shoebox into three equally sized compartments.
And as i was staring at this shoebox, a hand reached down from
some high place and it removed the two slats and as i was
staring into the same shoebox that now had no compartments;
the vision ended and this morning an epiphany occurred:

The three compartments are past, present and future.
And when the illusionary walls that divide them are removed;
well... Ha! There is only the moment.

We see the moment as a very tiny thing; the minute fragment
of an hour... of a day... of a year. .but (the cosmic joke here)
(the cosmic reality) is that it's quite the opposite. It's within the
moment that all this fragmenting goes on. The moment comes
first and it's HUGE. To keep returning to the moment until
we exist in the moment is HUGE.

Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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