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Thank you for sharing this detailed article. I would like to hear from others on this board about how we are all witnessing this aspect in action.

The first of seven exact squares between Pluto and Uranus was on June 24th. On July 20th, Mars in Libra opposed Uranus, thus, also squaring Pluto. This was the day of the Aurora, Colorado shooting.

Other astrologers have talked about the "Arab Spring" and the first wave of this Plutonian/Uranian energy in the overthrow of governments that surpress the citizenry.

Going in depth, If Capricorn represents government, systems and "captains of industry" - then Pluto is making sure that their shadows, their darker behaviors are coming to the surface to be checked. It doesn't seem possible at this time for anyone in power to maintain secrecy over their "bad" behavior through denial or cover up.

Please share your observations!



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