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Lightbulb Shirley - Spirits, ETs and Your Karma - Insight I've Had

I watched the Windwalker IE Radio Show from a while back, and it seems like there are really good and evil spirits, although I would describe them as positive (or protective) and negative (where lots of bad karma was sowed). And I think the souls who choose not to go to the light would probably have chosen something like that in their karma.

However, I think your karma was to make real spirituality more acceptable and real to "the masses", the ordinary people around the world. So karma made sure that your experiences with spirits and ETs were positive, otherwise that would defeat the purpose of Creation. By having a positive base to go on, other people whose karma it was to try to encourage "stuck" and negative spirits to go to the light might see certain shows like the Windwalker and get some understanding.

I know it is not my karma to have heavy involvement with spirits, but there are people for who it is.

So my points are:
  • There is such thing as negative spirits where a lot of negative karma has been cast.
  • Where positive or negative spirits need more than subtle prompting to go to the light, they are waiting for the world itself to gain enough positive energy to give them courage or counteract the strong negative karma that has been done to/in a particular area and particular souls.
  • Shirley, your purpose was to bring real spirituality to "the masses", ordinary people around the world, which is why you haven't got any negative spiritual experiences.
  • Souls who don't want to go to the light have likely chosen that karma for a while.

Those are my insights at the present time. What do you think?

Best regards,
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