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Default The Big Elephant and Boglivia

The Big Elephant and Boglivia
by Deb Abbott

The faires are abounding, making comfort
For what was once difficult to consider
Now, those who have been abase
Are rising like the Phoenix.

And those who have been hard harming
Are now running to the hills to getaway
From that which follows their negative ways
Watching that flee is most rewarding.

Much is being brought to the surface
To be cleansed and renewed
And so it is, in this time, that many will come
And many will go, and many will remain.

But only those who know within themselves
That they are sustainable, will they proceed
Into a much greater essence of becoming
Beyond what one has already known.

So, it is that while one persists, another desists
There will be another that will simply move forward
In motion to connect with that which is being presented
Without discord or negativity but simply with accord.

A simple flowing motion, designed without effort
Combining the mental, physical, spiritual energy
That encompasses us all to simply flow with the meaning
Of all life and to assist in the upgrade of humanity.

It then becomes a floating movement of energy that
Enwraps all that are conscious to receive and are ready
To further define themselves in the All That Is
In a way that particularizes each within the experience


Love, Deb
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