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Originally Posted by sisterlura
I think that's an extremely important observation/question, Basia ... it has been on my mind as well.

I feel the same as you - part of me is excited; and the rest of me is thinking, Oh, yikes! Here "we" go again, invading others' space ....

Thanks Sisterlura.
It makes me happy that some feel as I do. With our spiritual awareness still being in a minority I often feel so sad what is happening up there.

So I voice my concern that's the only thing I can do and than I am ridiculed. I don't care about that I' am stronger because of it.
But what concerns me is the general attitude of people now who are more concern about profits than destoying an enviroment.

You can read the replays I got there when I voiced my concern. Only one person liked it the rest were so egotistic and sarcastic but that's the voice of today materialistic greed.

I was watching two nights ago great documentary about the the Australian coast of Kimberly region south west of Darvin where natural eniroment is in danger of Gas exploration, so sad what is happening all around this planet. And now is it a progress or is it something else what is happening on Mars.

You know I was wondering about that saying "Curiosity kills the cat" I truly hope that it will not kill the Mars.
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