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Originally Posted by tecrow
Thanks! I didn't know about the sighting Friday night or the book "Cosmic Explorers." I have read most of "Miracles of Mind" by Targ and Katra, but it was a while ago. I have often wondered about what the remote viewers are seeing on other planets! I imagine the diversity is mind blowing, not just their appearance, but their social structure, etc. The universe is pretty amazing and we only know a tiny fraction of what is going on in spirit or the material plane.

I need to read through all of these posts again. I wonder if the huge balls of light seen in the sky are actual beings, as the new version of The Day the Earth Stood Still seems to suggest.

I met a man who was in the Air Force who said he and some other airmen spent 9 days in a ditch pointing guns at a huge ball of light hovering over a base in the north. Whenever I meet someone retired from the Air Force, I ask them what they have seen. So far, most have seen or know about something or say, "it's classified." You know they want to tell someone. Usually, their security oaths have expired so they can talk.

We have probably already been invaded! This cloak of secrecy will no doubt get us in the end! I wonder, do any of these guys hanging on to secrets ever think about that?!!

Hi Tecrow
I agree with your comments, and secrets do have a way to become exposed sooner or latter. But in all this I understand the diversity of experience.

There is need to experience both sides in order to recognise it.
Someone can tell you don't touch it, it's hot but unless you touch it you do not know what hot is.
So is the experience gained and learned on a soul level about polarity.

When we debate different propability its not to express fear it is only to educate, and empower so we do not get involved in fear mode.

The ET like humans are evolving so they learn from experience.

Long time ago my friend and I used to meditate and he shared many visions of him being on space ship. He was told that there is a real Star Wars going on in space, Earth is not the only planet where we learn.But all experience is united in one consciousness and all souls seek that journey home.
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