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Originally Posted by GentleRick
Hi Basia,

I was born in Mineola, NY (10 minutes east of NYC) on 8/26/71 at 4:52PM (-5GMT)

Even though I do not "read" the Vedic language very well, I would say that there is a lot there in the interpretation that resonates with me.

I haven't looked at Shirley's chart in any depth. But it is interesting to me that we share the same nodes, but in different house positions.

Though our outer planets are different, you and I have the same rising and Sun, and the nodes are almost exactly together again (18.5 years I think it is for the metatonic cycle to return)



Hi Rick

I never looked Shirley chart till yesterday, but when I read this interpretation I thought it was spot on. Her strong personality the passions and even her relationships it explained well I think.

Do you know the time when Shirley was born this would helped me to see which houses the planets were. Because that chart is just like the base for this life experience the progressed shows our journey now.

I looked in Shirley progressed and she had this year progressed Sun & Moon conjunction in Gemini sidereal zodiac.So I see this year being like a New Moon opening a new chapter. HER progressed Jupiter was conjunction Part of Fortune so she got the AFI award. For next 5-6 years she will probably write many more books, that's what I see.

I also saw that her natal Moon conjunct your and my Sun, and she has the same Nodes as we have same Karma of past and future.

I know from my past life experience that I was the power behind my than husband who was well known in Europe 200 years ago. I have seen many parts from that life. I read some books about them too but no one knew that he was humiliating me as his wife when his mistresses were sitting in my place at the table and I was made to seat and eat with them.

That lifetime my soul learned about power, prestige and material possessions and how you can loose it all. Interesting that after that lifetime my soul next incarnation was an American Indian girl, with no possessions of material value and since no need to learn that aspect.

The North Node in my first house is to be independent of relationships and become my own power. I think I have learned this but still evolve my little ego into the higher self.

I will make your chart and see your progressed if you like I can send you that interpretation in email, just send me note to
L & L Basia
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