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See what you think of this sidereal interpretation of planetary positions when Shirley MacLaine was born on 24 04 1934 Richmond Virginia according to Google search. I don't know the time when she was born. Do you see what I see?

Planets in Signs (Sidereal Zodiac - True Ayanamsa):

Sun in Aries:
The Sun relates to one's purpose and deep inner motivation; Mars
(ruler of Aries) is to do with drive and direction. So the person
can have strong will-power and motivation, and a keen sense of their
The Sun is exalted in Aries. The Sun and Mars being 2 planets of
fire, this position can indicate fiery qualities such as strong
desires, ambition, initiative, boldness, enthusiasm, dynamism,
assertiveness, and impulsiveness. The person can have the ability to
make decisions unhesitatingly. This position can give a 'crusader'
feeling - courageous, noble, ready to take action on someone else's
There is also likely to be a strong vitality and libido.
Of course, none of this is absolute. Other factors in the chart must
be taken into account - especially aspects to the Sun and Mars.

Moon in Leo:
The Moon is in the sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun. The
2 luminaries, as they are called in astrology, together indicate a
certain harmony. The Moon's yin inclination to wait and attract is
balanced by the Sun's power of will and vital force. The Moon
feelings can blossom in the Sun's radiating warmth.
The Sun is the creative spark, the Moon the planet of fecundation.
So the Moon can serve to fertilise all the qualities inherent in the
Sun planetary force, bringing confidence, joy, hope, a sense of
truth to the person. This is a position for a sunny disposition, a
generous and kind-hearted nature, with sympathy and warmth. There
can be self-confidence and leadership skills.
The Moon, planet of imagination, in the sign ruled by the Sun, the
creative force, brings an imaginative and creative flair to the

Mercury in Pisces:
Mercury is in the sign opposite one it naturally rules, so it is
said to be 'in dishonour', and its effects negative.
However, in Pisces, the sign of water, Mercury, planet of the mind,
can indicate great mobility and fluidity in the thinking processes.
There can be a way of absorbing facts rather than using a strictly
logical, step-by-step approach. At times, this impressionablility
can blur the sharpness of mental processes.
Rather than a strictly rational and practical approach to thinking,
the person can rely more than most on their intuition. Communication
can go on at different levels, with an ability to sense the more
subtle layers of consciousness involved. The native can thus have
psychic and telepathic abilities. The emotional state is likely to
be very fluid and changeable, since Pisces is a mutable and water
sign. The thinking processes can easily be influenced by the
emotional state, which at times may manifest in uncertainty and even
Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is to do with sensitivity, dreams and
imagination. The person can have a rich dream life, with possibly an
interest in poetry and fantasy.
In the sign of merging with the Divine, Mercury can be inclined to
compassion and a spirituality of a high level.

Venus in Aquarius:
Venus, planet of love and relating, in the sign ruled by Uranus, is
going to be influenced by Uranus qualities of independence and
originality. Thus the person can be drawn to partners who display
these tendencies. They can also express their affection in
unconventional ways.
Since Uranus is related to sudden changes, it can mean sudden
attractions and dislikes: love at first sight, for example. These
attractions can be intense.
Since Uranus values include
There is a natural movement towards relating to many people.
(Uranus' values relate to mankind as a whole.)
The person is likely to establish their own set of values, probably
highly original and based on their own sense of truth. They can
refuse to be limited by society's rules when it comes to matters of
the heart.
They can also change their value system unexpectedly.
People with an interest in the arts can be drawn to modern,
unconventional forms.

Mars in Aries:
Mars in its own sign (Mars is the ruler of Aries) means all the
qualities of Mars will be emphasised and sharpened: energy, drive,
initiative, courage, will power, competitiveness, and also possibly
a certain degree of impulsiveness, or even impatience. The person
has the ability to initiate things and draw enthusiasm from others.
This configuration is also in favour of an independent nature, and
of strong sexual desire.
Because Mars is in its own sign it is said to be 'in honour' or 'in
dignity', signifying that this planetary force can be expressed

Jupiter in Virgo:
Since Jupiter is here in a sign opposite one it naturally rules, it
is considered by the astrological tradition to be 'in dishonour' -
indicating its effects are weakened.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion. In this sign its tendency to
excess is somewhat curbed by the influence of Virgo, which brings a
certain caution. Since Jupiter can easily overlook details, this
position can serve to encourage discernment and attention to detail.
The qualities of Jupiter - such as high ideals, philosophical
concerns, can find practical application in this earth sign.

Saturn in Aquarius:
Saturn is the planet of limits and structure, and Uranus, a co-ruler
of Aquarius, is the planet of originality and independence. The two
planetary forces combine together well (Saturn being one of the
rulers of Aquarius, it is here said to be 'in honour'), the Uranus
influence helping to explode the Saturn limits. Saturn is in favour
of practical application of progressive ideas (Uranus).
Where Saturn is concerned primarily with oneself, Uranus is to do
with a much greater vision and humanitarian ideals. So the person
can take a serious interest in the affairs of humanity as a whole.
However, this is not by any means absolute. Saturn takes two and a
half years, more or less, to pass through Aquarius (as with any
sign), so unless Uranus is strongly aspected in the chart, Saturn in
Aquarius may have little overall influence.

Uranus in Aries:
Uranus can be very much at home with the fire of this sign.
Since Mars is the ruler of Aries there is going to be fiery impulse
behind the Uranus qualities - fast-moving, independent and original.
This can result in highly independent, even revolutionary
tendencies, the ability to blaze new trails and initiate reforms.
The Uranus inclination to change direction suddenly is emphasised.
Ingenious and resourceful, the person can be inventive, talented
with mechanical and electronic gear and technology.
Uranus is a slow-moving planet, so it stays in this sign for a
number of years. These comments will therefore apply more to all
those born during these years, than to an individual.

Neptune in Leo:
Since Neptune takes years to travel through a sign, it is more
fitting to consider its influence in Leo for the collectivity rather
than for one individual.
In this position the sensitivity and compassion of Neptune go well
with the heart qualities related to the Sun (ruler of Leo).The Sun
adds warmth to this rather cold planet, making for a warm heart,
compassionate nature and creative inspiration. The mystic, spiritual
nature of Neptune can be radiated by the light of the Self.

Pluto in Gemini:
Pluto works away at the deepest to destroy what exists so that new
forms can arise. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind,
which can suggest a destruction of patterns of thought. The strictly
analytical and logical ways of thinking are to be replaced, perhaps
by the Uranus influence, (a higher octave of Mercury) which can take
thinking to rarer heights.

North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer:
The South Node in Cancer is in favour of past lives in which
softness, receptivity, sensitivity, played an important part. Having
perhaps led a sheltered existence or been nurtured in such a way
that the Moon qualities of feeling and imagination could be
fostered, there can be a vulnerability reminiscent of a child.
However, with the North Node in the sign ruled by Saturn, it can
suggest that one of the essential lessons of this life is to learn
the Saturnian values rigour, precision, method, caution,
punctuality, self-discipline, integrity. It is by paying attention
to details, respecting deadlines and fulfilling one's commitments
and obligations, that the native will be able to realise the full
potential of their chart. If the native does not incarnate the
Saturn qualities, all the promises of the chart may just remain on
the level of wishful thinking.
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