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And here is interpretation in Sidereal of my natal planets:
Planets in Signs (Sidereal Zodiac - True Ayanamsa):

Sun in Leo:
The foremost word for Sun in Leo is FIRE, since Leo is a fire sign,
and is ruled by the Sun, planet of fire and creative power. The Sun
is said to be in dignity in this sign. The Sun stands for the heart
of the person - the individuality - which can be full of light and
Life, warmth, radiance. The sunny, shining heart qualities can
manifest in generosity and magnanimity.
There can be a strong sense of purpose and of honour, qualities
associated with the Sun. The native is likely to be sincere and to
value truth. They can thus inspire faith in others.
The supreme organising power of the Sun can indicate the person has
leadership qualities.

Moon in Pisces:
The fertile imagination of the Moon in this sign ruled by Neptune,
planet of dreams and illusion, can indicate a strong dream life -
waking as well as sleeping.
The highly impressionable field created by this position can
indicate the person is easily influenced, but their impressions may
not last.
The emotions and feelings, domain of the Moon, can be particularly
strong in this watery position, indicating great sensitivity and
compassion. They are likely to be gentle and kind, and can also be
romantic and sentimental. They can have an affinity with music,
poetry and art.
As well as being psychic, if the Moon can be lived at a high enough
level, the influence of Neptune can indicate great devotion and
inspiration, with an ability to surrender to higher levels of

Mercury in Cancer:
The combination of the Mercury mind with the reflective quality of
the Moon is in favour of an especially retentive memory.
The Moon, ruler of Cancer, is related to sensitivity and empathy.
This can have a positive effect on the Mercury mind, in that sense
that the person can take care with the words they utter, being
sensitive of the impression they may make on others.
There can be an easy way with words, with Mercury's flexibility and
the flow of the Moon. The very plastic nature of this position can
indicate a strong intuition and imagination, as well as psychic
The influence of the watery Moon on the adaptable Mercury mind is to
modify it in the direction of making the thinking more reflective
and subjective.

Venus in Cancer:
A position for sensitivity and perhaps romance. This is because
Venus, the planet of love, is in the sign ruled by the Moon, which
signifies emotions and feelings.
In relating to others, which is the province of Venus, the person
can be sympathetic and caring.
There can, however, be fluctuating moods, due to the unpredictable
nature of the Moon.
By combining the symbology of Venus and the Moon, one can say that
the person's affection could easily be put into their domestic or
home life; or that they may seek affection within their family or
feel valued when there is a loving home.
Expressing affection is not difficult for them.
A popular reading of Venus in Cancer would say that the native is
likely to show a love for cooking creatively, and also to love
feeding and nurturing others.
They can be protective towards those they love and they feel the
need for being nurtured and loved even more than other people do.
There is great yin power with Venus, planet of the lover, in the
sign ruled by the mother (the Moon) - Venus and Moon are the most
yin among the family of planets. This can manifest as dependence and
a need for emotional support from others. But it can also indicate a
great capacity for receptivity and opening.

Mars in Cancer:
In this sign Mars is 'in its fall', meaning its nature can be
restricted due to the influence of the sign. Since Mars is a fiery
planet and is in the sign of sensitivity, emotions and feelings
(ruled by the Moon), there is clearly a lack of harmony - fire and
water are not complementary.
The Mars drive may be directed into the sphere of imagination and
There is fire in the stomach (the Moon rules the digestive system),
which can mean at times digestion is disrupted, in particular if
emotions (the Moon) are not able to flow freely.
A Mars in Cancer can also be extremely cuddly and sensual.
The combined values of Mars and Cancer also suggest that the Mars
drive can be put into the home, putting energy into it, and
nurturing oneself through creating a special space to live in.

Jupiter in Taurus:
The qualities related to Jupiter include expansiveness, generosity,
and joviality. These qualities can flow harmoniously with Jupiter in
Taurus, ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. The native is
likely to enjoy relating to others and to show good-natured,
Jupiterian qualities in their relationship.
The fact that Taurus is an earth sign gives a practical side to the
native. It can also mean that material possessions are important to
them, even though they can have a very philosophical attitude to
life. In keeping with the nature of Venus, the native can love
beautiful things.

Saturn in Libra:
The astrological tradition calls this position of Saturn 'exalted',
meaning Saturn's energy is able to be expressed positively.
Saturn is to do with sincerity and structure; Venus, ruler of Libra,
with harmony and love. So the native can be sincere in love, and
want to have a structured relationship - like marriage, for example.
(But look at other aspects in the chart, which may well outweigh
this influence, especially since Saturn moves very slowly through
the signs.)
Since Saturn is associated with time, relationships can grow in
harmony with the passage of time.

Uranus in Gemini:
Uranus is a slow-moving planet, staying in one sign for years, so it
is appropriate to consider these influences affecting masses of
people rather than one individual.
Planet of sudden changes and super-fast intelligence, Uranus is very
much at home here in the sign ruled by Mercury, planet of the mind.
Since Uranus is the planet of esotericism, the mind can be
interested in a wide range of esoteric literature. The versatile
Mercury mind can have the freedom to move extraordinarily fast, with
flashes of Uranus genius and a lightning grasp of new concepts and
ideas. An original thinker, this is a position for pioneering in the
fields of science, electronics and communications.

Neptune in Virgo:
It can be more relevant to look at the effects of Neptune here in a
collective rather than an individual sense, since this planet
travels so slowly through a sign.
In Virgo, the sign commonly associated with purity, Neptune, planet
of idealism and selflessness, can be related to ideals of service
and ways of serving others rather than oneself.
Since Mercury, a planet to do with the mind, is the ruler of Virgo,
there can be intellectual ideals and inspired thinking. Neptune here
is 'in dishonour' - meaning it is in a sign opposite to the one it
rules - so its effects are said to be weakened. This may not mean
very much in the chart of one individual, however, unless Neptune is
afflicted through its aspects.

Pluto in Leo:
Pluto, planet of transformations in the unconscious, takes many
years to traverse one sign of the zodiac. This position is thus more
relevant to a generation of people than to one individual.
Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is related to the individuality, the
core of a person, the little ego and the Higher Self. By combining
the symbology of Sun and Pluto, it can suggest transformation
processes from little ego to Higher Self.

North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer:
The South Node in Cancer is in favour of past lives in which
softness, receptivity, sensitivity, played an important part. Having
perhaps led a sheltered existence or been nurtured in such a way
that the Moon qualities of feeling and imagination could be
fostered, there can be a vulnerability reminiscent of a child.
However, with the North Node in the sign ruled by Saturn, it can
suggest that one of the essential lessons of this life is to learn
the Saturnian values rigour, precision, method, caution,
punctuality, self-discipline, integrity. It is by paying attention
to details, respecting deadlines and fulfilling one's commitments
and obligations, that the native will be able to realise the full
potential of their chart. If the native does not incarnate the
Saturn qualities, all the promises of the chart may just remain on
the level of wishful thinking.
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