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Default To Rick Astrology interpretation

Hi Rick

I felt like looking at your chart, I asume that you were born around 15.15 pm on 26.08.1971 somewhere in California. So this may be different but I thought to show you the basic interpretation of planets in sidereal zodiac sign from my Canopus program. I wonder what you think reading this interpretation as base of your personality potential.

Planets in Signs (Sidereal Zodiac - True Ayanamsa):

Sun in Leo:
The foremost word for Sun in Leo is FIRE, since Leo is a fire sign,
and is ruled by the Sun, planet of fire and creative power. The Sun
is said to be in dignity in this sign. The Sun stands for the heart
of the person - the individuality - which can be full of light and
Life, warmth, radiance. The sunny, shining heart qualities can
manifest in generosity and magnanimity.
There can be a strong sense of purpose and of honour, qualities
associated with the Sun. The native is likely to be sincere and to
value truth. They can thus inspire faith in others.
The supreme organising power of the Sun can indicate the person has
leadership qualities.

Moon in Libra:
Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign for balance and harmony, so the
Moon in this position can indicate someone who is concerned to keep
the peace, the Moon representing the flow of feelings and emotions.
There can be a kind-hearted, gentle side to the person's nature.
They may be able to see both sides of a situation - think of the
scales of the pictogram - and are therefore able to compromise in
order to reach a harmonious solution. Emotional peace is likely to
be one of their chief goals.
The Moon is a very sociable planet, and Venus is the planet of
relating, so these values together indicate that seeking out others,
especially in the form of a relationship, is going to be important
for the native.
The Moon and Venus are both related to sensuality, indicating an
especially soft, sensual nature.
The ability to appreciate things through the senses is a feature of
the Moon in this sign, so the native can love music, for example,
and appreciate textures such as in art and nature.

Mercury in Leo:
The mind, related to Mercury, can focus and concentrate, being in
Leo, a fixed sign, ruled by
the Sun, which relates to direction.
The fixed nature of the sign also indicates persistence. The mind
gains a certain stability in this position, so the person may at
times be slow to make up their mind, but once made up it can be
steady and unwavering.
The Sun has a natural authority, and Mercury likes to speak; so the
combination can indicate a confidence when it comes to voicing
opinions. In any communications the person can convey an
authoritative tone.
The Sun is also related to organising power, purpose, and
enthusiasm, so Mercury here can make for good organisational skills
and leadership qualities.
The Sun will-power and confidence, combined with the Mercury mind,
can indicate problem-solving abilities.
Mercury is said to be in its fall in this sign, so its power may not
reach its full potential, according to the astrological tradition.

Venus in Leo:
In the shining sign of Leo, Venus bestows a warm-hearted, sunny
The values of the Sun (ruler of Leo) and of Venus, planet of love,
beauty and harmony, combine together harmoniously.
The nobility of the Sun and the giving nature of Venus indicates an
open, generous, loyal, magnanimous temperament.
These are the 2 planets of love: the Sun as in love for God and
Self-love, and Venus as in ALL loves.

Mars in Capricorn:
Mars, planet of will, drive and direction, is in a sign ruled by
Saturn, planet of structure.
The Mars impetuosity is here curbed by Saturn, so there is likely to
be planning and calculation before undertaking action too hastily.
The qualities of Mars and Saturn can combine to give a
self-controlled, disciplined person who can take and give orders.
They can have the drive and energy of Mars plus the persistence of
Saturn. They can be suited to carrying positions of responsibility,
for the Mars action power is backed by the Saturn caution and
reliability. Extremely efficient, they can have the ability to pay
attention to detail (a great Saturn quality) plus the drive to carry
out the endeavour.
There can be great strength of character, with strong will power and
Saturn sincerity and loyalty.
Capricorn is noted for ambition. With Mars here the person could be
unstinting with his or her energy in a persistent effort to achieve
their goals. And since Saturn is the master of time, they can be
more conscious of long-term goals than most.
According to the astrological tradition, Mars is said to be 'in
exaltation' in this sign which complements its nature.

Jupiter in Scorpio:
Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, two planets of fire and
intensity. Jupiter's symbolism includes expansion, so altogether
there is an amplification of Scorpio's traits of magnetism and
intensity. It is a powerful position. The person can have tremendous
resources, will and magnetism.
Jupiter in the sign ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld, has the
ability to expand into the mysterious, hidden side of things. This
can have a spiritual or a material focus, since Pluto rules over
money and sex, as well as death and transformation.

Saturn in Taurus:
The planet with strong earth power in an earth sign gives the Saturn
qualities added weight, emphasising qualities such as determination,
steadiness, perseverance, common sense.
The person can feel comfortable when there is careful planning to
support any ventures. Thus they can be economical, good money
managers and able to give practical advice.
Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and harmony, so Saturn here
can indicate loyalty and sincerity in love and in relationships.

Uranus in Virgo:
Where Uranus is by nature super-fast and a sudden mover, Virgo is
associated with patience and analysis, so a certain discipline is
brought to bear on Uranus in this position. This may serve to
structure ideas and make them of practical use. But to see how
Uranus operates for the person it is necessary to look at aspects to
Uranus in the chart. In any case, Uranus takes so long to move
through a sign that it is not realistic to judge its influence here
on one individual.
Because Virgo is related to health and hygiene, there can be new
ways (Uranus) of dealing with health, science, technology, industry,
ecology, etc.

Neptune in Scorpio:
It takes Neptune years to move through one sign of the zodiac, which
indicates that it is more fitting to look at its effects here for
all those people born during this time, rather than to look at
features as applying to one individual.
In the sign ruled by Pluto, planet of sex and magnetism, Neptune,
the planet related to dissolving, can indicate a desire to dissolve
through the sexual experience, or a wish to explore the dissolving
of personal boundaries through union with another. There can be a
depth of emotional and sexual intensity which wants to be explored.
There can be a fascination with the deepest mysteries of Neptune,
the mystic, and Pluto, lord of the underworld.

Pluto in Virgo:
As Pluto, planet of sex, death and regeneration, moves through the
zodiac, it spends many years in each sign. So this position pertains
to many people rather than one individual.
In Virgo, the sign of purity, it can suggest the destruction of what
remains of puritanical attitudes in and modes of sexual behaviour.

North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer:
The South Node in Cancer is in favour of past lives in which
softness, receptivity, sensitivity, played an important part. Having
perhaps led a sheltered existence or been nurtured in such a way
that the Moon qualities of feeling and imagination could be
fostered, there can be a vulnerability reminiscent of a child.
However, with the North Node in the sign ruled by Saturn, it can
suggest that one of the essential lessons of this life is to learn
the Saturnian values rigour, precision, method, caution,
punctuality, self-discipline, integrity. It is by paying attention
to details, respecting deadlines and fulfilling one's commitments
and obligations, that the native will be able to realise the full
potential of their chart. If the native does not incarnate the
Saturn qualities, all the promises of the chart may just remain on
the level of wishful thinking.
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