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The Big Elephant and Boglivia
by Deb Abbott

When situations seemed to be stretched
So as to appear beyond repair, look farther
Into that which defines the moment of despair.
And feel the next feeling that is apparent to be felt.

You see, within every circumstance, there is always
An option. One can take on the whole of the thing
Presented or one can divert their attention to something
More beneficial. It is always a personal choice to destine.

So, before one gets so totally sunk into what seems to be
The apparentness of the moment, the suggestion would be
Is to look for the alternative feeling that is being presented.
In each moment, there is always another choice.

So, in being aware of another choice, one then sets upon
Defining in a whole new way that which one has just so called
Experienced. Then in doing so, the whole experience then
So Changes form that it can not be matched with that before.

Therefore, in each moment, we are re-defining our definitions
Of our experiences. We are no longer prisoners of our experiences
But more so creators of new experiences to counteract
That which we do not reside within.

Now, we become the creators of our moment of existance
In a way that holds the light of oneself within
While shedding that light out to others in the vicinity
And then with a simple smile, we are able to hold our own.

And in holding our own, then we are able to share more of
Ourselves with those who are in union with our energies.
Perceptions open up to astounding revelations
Awareness reveals its own.

Holding hands with the knowing comes frequency exchange
And therefore, the movement forward of that which has
Designed itself to be read in this time
A nomar of knowing revealed, so let it be.

Love, Deb
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