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Default Dr. Tucker and Reincarnation, Also the Greys

Last night I watched a show on the BIO channel about a little boy about 6 who claimed to be the reincarnation of an actor in Hollywood - Marty Martyn. His parents contacted Dr. Jim Tucker (Virginia) who has researched and documented 2500 child patients who claim to have memories of past lives. I can't remember the name of the show -- something like The Unexplained possibly. The boy remembered his wife, sister and daughter, and so the parents brought him to meet his former family who were now much older. He also began to remember other lives, too. I have been interested in reincarnation ever since the books Bridey Murphy and Out on a Limb. I would like to hear about more cases like this.

Also, about the greys, I believe it was Clifford Stone who testified for the Disclosure Project that the greys have a base of sorts under the Pentagon. Maybe they just have offices. The show Chasing Aliens just had Stone on recently. It's no wonder he gets so emotional during his testimony (as he did on air and at the May 2001 National Press Club press conference), they sent him in first to check for radiation at the crash sites and to check for who knows what else! '

These dreams seem a bit more real than usual dreams. Interesting.
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