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Here is part from this site: quote
Prior to the early few centuries of the first millennia, planetary measurement was always referenced to the fixed stars (sidereal) as was the astrology of the ancients (Babylonia, etc).

Astronomy and astrology were always one and the same until the Greco-Roman church-state astronomers began to record planetary ephemerides referenced to the moving vernal point rather than to the fixed stars, but ignoring that the vernal point moved with precessional, and while maintaining that all other heavenly bodies rotated around the Earth--a statement certainly affirming true egoic consciousness.

(This was due in particular to Claudius Ptolemaeus (c. 90 - c. 168 AD) who was employed by the Greco-Roman controlling faction. Ptolemaeus was a mathematician, not a true astronomer. Some assert he never even looked into the heavens as an astronomer would look (Allen).)

To say anything other than Earth was the center was heresy, so only those willing to sell out to the manipulative ploys of the church-state, and perpetuate the asserted geocentric dogma of western Christendom, stayed on the pay-role and kept their heads (actually, heretics were burned at the stake!).

Here was planted the bastardization of true soul level astronomical astrology, and here began the Hellenistic, Ptolemaic, tropical astrology during an age of suppression, and which is still in vogue today.

This manipulation and bastardization of the true astrological artscience into tropical astrology also affirmed that people had a finite life at the end of which they would either be saved or punished depending if they followed the dictums of the controlling political-religious faction, thus squelching any desire for individuals to spiritually aspire and awaken to the greater truth that they were durative, continually evolving souls; parts of, not separate from a greater unified intelligence.

The true and greater art-sciences including astronomical astrology, Pythagorean sacred geometry, harmonic math, and other such art-sciences, were forced underground until the later time of Nicolaus Copernicus in the 1500ís who finally triumphed in eradicating the perpetuated dogma that Earth was the center around which all other heavenly bodies rotated--the egoic head-trip of the Greco-Roman church-state.

From here, others would follow: Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), Johann Bayer, and later yet, Johann Kepler (December 27, 1571 - November 15, 1630), who, in the early 1600ís, brought forth the truth of the occulted astronomical and mathematical wisdom based in harmonic resonance that had been long lost. Kepler's most famous book is "Harmonia Mundi" (Harmony of the Worlds). Kepler was a mathematician, astronomer AND astrologer (responsible for revealing the affect of many astrological aspects / harmonics). Kepler is sometimes referred to as "the first theoretical astrophysicist."

It is interesting to note that many of the religions of the world, as well as the perpetuation of "tropical astrology" are based on the confused mentalities common to the early first millennia.

It is also interesting to consider that the perpetual use of tropical astrology today is an energetic that perpetuates a chasm in time that continues to widen at the rate of Earth's precession, one keeping the masses drifting in time-confusion rather than living in the present and truth that the true sidereal zodiak reveals. end of quote
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