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Dear Hearts

Like humanity we have good and bad a duality of experience. So ET they have the same I think we can not judge the book by the cover and if we need that experience to learn we will attract it to us.

In 90-es when I was working with spiritual guides I had some experiences that I would call ET. I saw myself in meditation or dreams often being on space ships.

I was aware they were doing something in my head, I was never frighten of them and I saw them both like humans and like oval head with big eyes.

I used to do a crystal balancing and healing therapy and I am aware now that in some cases they were working on my patients who were healed. My boyfriend than Christian would tell me that he woke up in the night and could not move but he saw them with big eyes doing something around me. Christian had x-ray that showed something in his toe on right leg like an implant. He also said that before we meet he dreamt of ET and they were showing him my picture,that was in May 1996.

Once I wake up in the night and had a strange marking on my left hand, a raw of tiny cuts that were still fresh open. Next day I went to my mum and showed it to her and to my surprise she lifted a plaster in the same spot on her hand reviling same cuts.

I also had once a visit from ‘Men in Black’ in my meditation. On that day I was doing a crystal balancing for a friend who went to meditate in haunted house. The energy attached itself to him, and during crystal balancing I saw truly something impossible.

When energy was captured into crystal I saw that crystal moved in the air up about inch or two above the table and than dropped on the table making big bang sound.

That evening when I meditated two men dressed in black come into my room from the wall and said to me: “don’t worry we only come to take something for recycling”.

My guide explained later that often energy will be taken to be purified in fire.

In 2003 I attended a seminar in Australia with a school from US. For many years I read books and listen to many tape recordings from that school.

But during one session in seminar when I totally surrender my body I felt that there was another being of a reptilian appearance that was ready to jump in and take control of my body.

From within me the voice come saying to that form: You are not getting this body!
I left the seminar and had lots of questions about my experience & trust. My guides guided me to 'Cosmic Explores' by Courtney Brown and I got much understanding and answers to my questions from this book.

I just found this website and you can download this book for free.

In Cosmic Explorers, Dr. Brown takes his research a critical step further, in a riveting true story that expands humanity's journey into the deepest mysteries of the cosmos. Based on unprecedented information drawn from Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV), Cosmic Explorers continues the search for extraterrestrial life, and sounds and important warning.

The U.S. military has long used remote viewing as a means of spying on potential or actual enemies. Dr. Brown developed the technique further, producing uncannily accurate information about verifiable targets. Now he applies these techniques in an unusual direction, and speculates that the remnants of a Martian race may be struggling to survive in burried recesses on their own devastated planet, and he further explores the idea that the Greys - a seemingly highly evolved humanoid race - may be seeking a new future for themselves.

He also raises the possibility of yet a third previously unknown alien civilization: a warlike race that may have its own frightening agenda for our planet.

Through detailed descriptions of actual SRV sessions, Dr. Brown provides a rare glimpse into the possible structure and culture of this aggressive race, the Reptilians, including the nature of their heirarchy, their home world, and their covert activities. He also takes us deeper into the secret worlds of the Greys and the Martians, whose ongoing crises could have a profound effect on the people of Earth.

A comprehensive experimental study of alien cultures using a novel methodology, a detailed description of the methods of SRV, and a fascinating account of one man's odyssey into the unknown, Cosmic Explorers probes the dangers that lie before us - and tells us what we must do to defend and ensure our future.

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