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Well for me,
i don't remember most of the "insect head" ET encounter; only the very
beginning and the very end. The first thing i saw and the last thing i saw
were almost the same and what transpired in between was lost to me.
But in hindsight (now that you ask the questions) i think it's possible
that it was my own intense fear that caused my inability to move. And
if so, then i can certainly see how they might find the paralysis that
most of us exhibit (in their presence) to be one of the many curious
things they observe about our behavior. Too funny...
i think our curiosity is as natural as theirs.

My initial reaction to the light beings however was totally opposite.
It was a feeling of profound peace and calm and well being. They're
just as powerful, but they draw you into a very high vibrational zone
that feels profoundly benevolent and you feel very safe. They are
like angels and you remember every second. of your own being
with them. i'll go with them ANYwhere. Huge Grin...

My questions is (to those who have had encounters) do you notice
any changes in your consciousness since the encounter? Any
synchronicities leading to other synchronicities? Any messages?

Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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