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me too; a couple of years ago.
i remember being lifted into space in horizontal position
and two aliens with large heads that almost looked like
insect heads appeared, side by side (to my right). They
were staring at me curiously and very calmly. i remember
feeling paralyzed, but there was no pain; and as far as
i know, they did not harm me in any way. They didn't
seem malicious, but they weren't exactly exuding love
and light either. i posted about it here somewhere.
And then lord knows what contact i had with them
during my early youth; i can't remember. but i know we
were in all the right places at the right times. We were
stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico
near White Sands and Roswell from 5yrs old to 7yrs old
(the very early 60's). i spent alot of time at White Sands.
i'm not sure what my father did while we were stationed
there. But he took me to work with him in the evening
a few times. It was a place where they kept the monkeys
they used for the space program. They were in large
cages that they would rattle and climb up on, screeching.
My father would feed them and then we would leave.
Until i was about 6 yrs old my dreams were of swirling
colors; only swirling colors. and sometimes i would wake
up disorientated and frightened. i remember having
these swirling color dreams as young as 2 yrs old.
It wasn't until i was 6 or 7 that i began to dream of
adults i did not know who seemed to know me.
i wish i could remember now, the particulars of those
dreams. i can't help thinking that maybe some long
forgotten insight or deep knowing was in them because
i seemed to be half here and half someplace else.
i don't think i had my first dream of someone i knew
until i was around 8 or 9.
Shortly after Sept 11, i began to have visions of light
beings on the ground at ground zero. In one vision
i was with hundreds of them floating just above
ground zero in space way up into outer space; a light
being myself (a vortex has been created there).
And around that time was when some of my past lives
were starting to be revealed to me through a series of
ongoing synchronicities.
And a few years after that i found myself channeling some
sort of Pleaidian energy; it was just coming through me
like transmissions; it was me but it wasn't me. i posted
some of them here somewhere.
It has to do with our ET DNA (our scientists have been
calling it junk. ); i'm firmly convinced now that we
all have some of it activated in us; some of us more
than others. And the activations continue. Feels like a
natural process; you know? Synonymous with the
gradual expansion of human consciousness occurring
across the planet. And it starts with a little help that
we sometimes remember and sometimes don't.
As for the greys; perhaps it's just that they are devoid
of emotion (like Mister Spock. ) and because we
we are their complete opposites in that department;
it's part of what makes them so curious about us.
And then there's how we look and how our body's work.
The funny thing here is they are as peculiar to us as we
are to them and we've been known to abduct them too,
for probing and examination, for the same reasons.
Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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