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Thanks for sharing guys! I hadn't had any connection with the Greys until last night. I had a dream where I felt perfectly awake. In the corner of my room, a large Grey dressed in a long robe stood with one arm outstretched. Looking into his eyes, I panicked and became quite frightened so I managed to force myself awake. Then I went back to sleep and had exactly the same dream. This happen twice more and eventually I calmed myself down and accepted that I would dream about this being who was now hovering over me. I felt frightened until the Grey actually touched me and then I felt nothing, no fear and no excitement. The Grey left and my usual dream pattern returned. I'm not sure what to make of it but certainly it felt exceptionally vivid.

I find the responses here really fascinating on a new level now because I'm beginning to process the idea that last night I was visited. I had a theory that because of the Olympic Games being held not far from where I live, we might see increased UFO activity because of the vibration of a large number of people in a positive mood. Maybe I was proved right?
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