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Default Maybe we should...

Here are some bits and pieces of things I have read over the years, which may or may not be correct:
  • Eisenhower signed a treaty with the greys in 1954. In the agreement, the greys would give us their technology, and in exchange we would allow them to abduct a certain number of people (with a special blood type, is what seems to be happening) for their hybrid program.
  • The Nordics gave us the same offer to exchange technology, but they wanted us to give up our weapons. It being so soon after the war, and the real possibility of alien involvement with the Nazis, Eisenhower took the deal with the greys instead, but they are not considered the good guys. They have abused the treaty by abducting more people than was agreed upon.
  • We are on the outskirts of the galaxy, so the aliens that show up may or may not have our best interests at heart. Evidently, there are good greys and not so good greys.
Obviously, I have no way of knowing if any of this is true. Sorry if this is just a repeat.

I had a dream in which I was about to shake the hand of a grey, but a force came down between us to break off the possibility of a handshake, and then I heard, "They don't have a heart." At least in the dream, I didn't have a fear of them either, but from the few things I have read, I am not so sure that is wise. It seemed to be lucid dream.

Is there anything new as far as disclosure happening any time soon? It has been a while since I have heard any predictions as far as a timetable.
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