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Hi gang,

I was talking with friends over the weekend who were asking me about my new found interest in star beings and we got to talking about the Greys. One friend asked, "Should we be afraid of them?" and it's a question I thought I'd ask to the community here before I gave him an answer. For me, they're not frightening. I recently read "Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls" by Nigel Kerner and I've read Timothy Good's "Need to Know" which I found really informative, yet I couldn't be scared of Greys. The idea of abduction or experimentation doesn't alarm me either, I can't buy into the idea that extra-terrestrials are hostile and set on destroying us. I figure they would have done it by now, they wouldn't wait until our technology was such that we could fight back. I see them more as scientists trying to learn about us. So, I wanted to ask what people's thoughts were on the Greys and whether they're fearful of them or not?
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