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Dear Lidia

Loved what you said about Shirley and the Movie. Can You copy this post and place it in the movie tread as I will do soon with my post.

Today a new wave of consciousness is merging with us. I just posted about Halls of Amenti (humanity) and in sacred sites invited to journey with Pyramids.
It was a site I never seen before but was guided today and I love it.

When I went to 10 pyramid I understood today why since I come from Machu Picchu in November last year I had so much emotional trauma that affected my family, my sister, my mum. But I know know it was not to respond with anger ,jugment, revenge no matter what was thrown my way. I had to learn to find this strenght inside.
It was a difficult six months but I think I swim now on this lesson with happy peace inside, 'I done it, with Forgiveness and Love.

I was just travelling there in this site when I come to Pyramid seven:

When I realised why I dreamt of Shirley and our "Pyjama Party".

I'm sure we have more 'Dream Time' dear Lidia and all Hearts here in board.
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