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OMG dear Basia, it is the movie that honestly changed my life, literally... i shared it now on Face Book, e-mailed to certain individual that i think are in the begining stages of the search etc... I already have thanks from them.That movie was kindly-[but unprofessionally]- placed on the YouTube and i am sure it will have a whole new wave of the same impact on audience now as it had on lot of us then, do You agree? And i noticed as i watched with new understanding now, how well the movie was done from all perspectives. I am not any professional, but i have a curiosity and observational tools of an intelligent human, and apart from MOST INTERESTING story, everything else is perfect:scenario, music,camera,Light... do You agree? From ME, Shirley and the teem have one more OSCAR for this work.I am not able to point the finger on certain part,i know i could not take my eyes of the movie-[AGAIN]- and i thank the lucky Stars of the Planet Earth to have Shirley among other beautiful angels to help struggling Souls.I THANK YOU Shirley again on Your courage-[above all]- and Your brilliance to get out on a Limb, You certainly got the fruit!-[and I with all others got to share it with You]
I am sure as someone suggested some other tread above, if that movie is done in to collector item, it would make some money?
One of my best friend is DR Anita Milicevic-[she is on You Tube to] Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology-She got my email with the movie yesterday, and last night she phoned me to express her Thanks for sending this BEST movie ever! She sow it first time, but she said, it is not the last.
So my dear Basia,I wander how long that Shirley's work-Out on a Limb- will be a topic? And it is never enough to us all? There is constant flow of gratitude to Her, Love,and generally beautiful energy sending Her way. An internet is what will save the Humanity, we - the like/minded Souls share and grow toghether and with that sharing, we strengthen the subb conceous field and Creating the Light that help lightening the Path Home to all.Have You heard of the 100 monkeys effect? When 51 monkeys learn something, the 49 know it to. Due to Quantum Field, this always work, the Humanity is waking up,, it is evident on the big scale now. Back in 1986 when Shirley made the movie, it was crazy move, risky of ridicule... but tks God, she took the risk!!! All We need is LOVE as the Beatles sang in that song and hold the Light and that Love in our Hearts, we will have smooth transision that is well on the way!!! Have a compassion for all that struggle, lend a hand - wrap us all in Love and Blessings instead in judgements and punishments... we are ONE and "WE ARE GOD" as in the movie Shirley try to fathom...
Love and Blessings to You
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