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Originally Posted by lidia
Dear Basia
Thank You for posting SM YT movie Out on a Limb, I wanted to see this for years, this movie is closest to my Heart.But unfortunately, i read this tread at about 10+pm, and went straight in to the movie---no, could not wait!... even though, work tmrw early, now is after midnight, did not finish watching, but must go. I expect now-like You, -to dream about Shirley - haha
Love and Blessings
Must add: I also have a birth mark, it is on the front of my upper right leg and is in shape of the Love Heart hmmmmm - interesting

Ha. Ha...

Lidia I was wondering that we in this forum may comment on each individual part of that movie, express our thoughts and feelings generated by each part. What do you think? L & L
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